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Our Success Formula for Good Business

PEP combines trend-watching | content marketing | partnership creation | concept development | communication strategy | passionate learning facilitators | experienced eventmanagers | organisation consultancy | PR knowledge in a strong success formula. We are passionate partnership facilitators on a mission for YOU

Based on trending topics we offer turn-key cross-sectoral engagement programs that follow our 5 step succes formula.



Hot topics are transformed into a challenging program.

Without wonder change is impossible. Wonder requires eyes to see, ears to listen, and an open mind to identify the most relevant topics and issues at hand. Nothing is too crazy, wonder is about reconnection with our curiosity to reopen our eyes, ears, and minds.




Through catchy communication all prospective attendees are be invited to consider what their contribution, share, and ambition could be.

Connecting with other professionals through knowledge, signature practices, and innovative ideas are pillars of good business practice. Connections already start before the physical gathering and are expected to last long after. The seeds for connections are planted through the invite, the teasers, the tone of voice, the content, the opportunities for engagement, the surveys, and all the excitement leading up to the event. It is the glue between every successful partnership, collaboration or sharing thoughts.




We will initiate relevant dialogues. Through sharing knowledge is multiplied and relations are strengthened. 

With care PEP selects the right superchargers, moderators, workshop leaders. We always aim to blend perspectives. Desired participants could become supercharger or host. Previous suppliers become desired partners. Because we communicate consciously with the desired participants, engage with them and hear them, we are able to unite them in a strong chain of ownership. 

One-way communication and consuming information is not the way to have constructive conversations. PEP initiates and facilitates dialogues, dynamic talks and hard-work workshops by using various sharing work-methods. From seed-dating, to icon analyses, signature practices, challenge indicators, ambition walls, inside-out brainstorms to open tables and knowledge valorization plans. 



A curated single or multiple day event based on the questions that arose during the research phase and Meet & Share. 

Learning means exploring, a different way of thinking, an open-minded approach. Our approach is to break free from the one way stream of information and stimulate collaboration between all participants. Once you are no longer just consuming information but engaging with it, you will feel energized. It will trigger the brain from different angles and it will give you the opportunity to translate the information into vision for your business (relations). All partners will leave with the feeling they were part of something meaningful.




Together we work on tangible and intangible results. Because everyone contributes people are connected and relations are strengthened. 

Our formula is aimed at establishing growing sustainable relationships that will last long after the event end. Organizations grow through partnerships where ventilating ideas, sharing networks, developing innovations in collaboration, is a common good. Mutual benefits make for strong relationships, and at PEP we know how to keep the fire going.



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