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Creators & Producers of better business relations.

PEP – for good business.

PEP is a business story of relationship-building beyond today, by giving an energy boost to existing and new business relations. We’re living in an era of continuous transforming processes. Megatrends are slow, global and often intangible, yet transitions move faster than ever. How do we engage stakeholders and relations for the long run and stay away from ‘one-off meetings without desired spinoff and not enough (social) return on investment? Based on many years of experience we are able to provide and share the success formula. Please talk to us and express your wishes!

1. Creators of better business relations.

Good business relations are blooming by a refreshing, creative and effective approach. Every project starts with the expertise and creativity of PEP. We hold up the reason, target group and objective to the light of the past and the present. We allow our thinking process full reign and translate our findings into a creative strategic plan and good concept. 

2. Producers of better business relations.

When the concept has been developed and it’s time for production, PEP can, at the request of our clients, then work its magic. Project management is in our genes. Using our expertise and extensive network, the pragmatic professionals of PEP turn every concept into reality; perfectly organised to the finest of details. 


Working with the PEP communication is a joy. They really try to understand who is behind the requested job, what does this person want, and what does the organisation stand for. In our case that has rand made all the difference to rebrand our company name. The change of name has been so well received by the market, it looks fresh, and we are very proud that it reflects our identity.
— Haijo Kuper - Managing Director, Solinc